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Hello World!... Oh... hey I guess you're looking for Pat? I don't know where he is, but he left some stuff around here...

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About Patrick Harding!

Influenced by high energy and technical displays of art, this can be seen in my core style. With over 13 years industry experience and now majoring in 3D/E-Media I’m not unfamiliar with quality design. I spend most of my time pushing boundaries and looking beyond current design trends.


Work well with people, work well as a leader, able to demonstrate technical knowledge, receive frequent and positive feedback, able to maintain professional internal and external relationships, easily establish strong connection to clients, can do just about anything when it comes to design, very handsome.

Quick Stats

1x Wife
1x Son
1x Collie
1x Home
1x Car
2x Uni Majors
1x Job
~6x Beers
1x Jet (Pending)

Come visit me...


Graphic Design
Photoshop 100% 13 Years
Illustrator 80% 5 Years
InDesign 80% 5 Years
After Effects 60% 3 Years
Premiere Pro 60% 3 Years
Dreamweaver < np++ 80% 5 Years
E-Media Design
Major BA Computer Based Desing (e-Media)
HTML 100% 10 Years
CSS 90% 5 Years
PHP 60% 5 Years
JS 40% 2 Years
PYTHON 20% 1 Years
Flash/AS 80% 7 Years
3D Design
Major BA Computer Based Desing (3D Design)
Maya 70% 2 Years
Modeling 70% 2 Years
Animation 60% 2 Years
Dynamics 60% 2 Years
Rendering 80% 4 Years
3D Printing 90% 2 Years
Things I’m good at...
Graphic Design
3D Modeling
3D visualization
3D rendering
3D Printing
Digital Marketing
Microsoft Office
Online Marketing
Architectural Design
Web Design
Computer Animation
Autodesk Software
Maya Dynamics
Video Editing
Architectural Modeling
Marketing Management
After Effects
Customer Service
Microsoft Excel
Project Planning
Logo Design
Social Media Marketing
Product Marketing
Online Advertising
Interactive Advertising
Radio Advertising
Web Development
Web Analytics
Web Content
Web Marketing
Character Animation
Realistic Animation


I don't usually go looking for work, most of the time I'm fortunate enough to get something small through word of mouth. Luckily for me I have a full time job, so often I'm too busy to take on new work, in this case I'm usually happy to recommend other designers in the field. These days I'm mostly interested in unique projects where I can broaden my skill set, if you would like me to take a look at a project feel free to contact me any time!

Businesses I have done work for.

PJ Burns Builders PTY LTD

PJ Burns Builders

Expert audiology rehab solutions


Wade Design Engineers

Wade Design Engineers

Asylum & Mayhem

Asylum & Mayhem





Actual Experience

Well I haven't stopped working since I left school +8 years ago. Why don't you check out my profile on LinkedIn, guaranteed to be up to date!


If you would like to contact me please use the form on my blog, no point in doubeling up ;) Contact form Here