Woody Point Bollards – Design Work

Woody Point Bollards

The Woody Point bollard art installments are situated in the Clontraf/Redcliffe area Queensland.  The Bollards use recycled bridge stumps, stainless steel and toughened laminated glass. There are approximately 7 bollards describing the nautical history of the area. I had the privileged of designing one featuring Matthew Flinders, explorer of the South Coast of  Australia. For the main part of of the design I used Illustrator, but also used Photoshop to make touch ups on the map itself. The final was exported as CYMK in PDF ... Read More »

Magazine 2 Page Spread – Why Build New?

pwm front thumb

As I was leaving the office this after noon I noticed the new Property Wise Magazine at the door of our local cafe. It’s the first two page spread I have designed for and I think it looks pretty neat! If your interested in property development on the Sunshine Coast be sure to check it out. Their website can be found here: http://www.propertywisemagazine.com.au/ This layout was done using  Adobe InDesign. The type face is one of my favorites ‘Lato,’ which comes in about 18 ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 3

Javascript - Drag and Drop Library

Date/Time:  August 13, 2014. 8:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe (Internship Supervisor) Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  So I ran into my first “code block” this week. The Html5 native drag and drop feature had many issues for me, some which could be addressed but would put my schedule way out. I found that it would be more progressive to use a pre-existing Javascript library. The are many on the web but most of the good ones use jQuery, however as mentioned in my previous logs ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 2

Add semester thumb

Date/Time:  July 6, 2014. 8:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe (Internship Supervisor) Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  With a solid UI in place I spent the lead up to week 2 developing a further understanding of the back-end system I will be using for the web app. I started researching session control and cookies. With a solid foundation I felt I could progress with the development more easily further down the track. Here are some sources on the session control I used. http://www.tizag.com/phpT/phpsessions.php http://php.about.com/od/advancedphp/ss/php_sessions.htm I opted for PHP ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 1

Drag and drop

Date/Time:  July 30, 2014. 8:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe (Internship Supervisor) Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Leading up to week 1 I developed a basic UI following the familiar USC (University of the Sunshine Coast) website design aesthetic.  The UI provided me with a quick go to guide for html elements and interactivity. With a basic UI guide developed I began preparing the HTML for DnD (Drag and drop).  I am following Eric Bidelman’s guide to ‘Native HTML5 DnD‘ along with reading up on his ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Orientation Week


Welcome to the first log of my internship for E-Media (DES225). Preface:  If you have an interest in this log be sure to use the category DES225, after this introductory log this will not be posted to the ‘Home‘ page, ‘Coding‘ or ‘Web‘ categories. About this Log:  Each week students studying DES225 are required to report on the project development of their internship.  The log consists information and images which are used to demonstrate work output of the student.  The log will be used to discuss ... Read More »

Garmin Nav Holder – 3D Print


I was recently asked to 3D print a Garmin navigation holder that would screw into the dash of  rally car. The main challenge was to get the curvature of the nav exactly right so the vibration could be reduced. I took plenty of reference images using white A3 paper as a backing to mask in Photoshop. The print failed about 3 times due to the PLA warp but I modified the rafting a few times and finally got it right ... Read More »

CAD Home with Oculus Rift DK1 – Test 1

Oculus Rift DK1 with ArchiCAD

We test out the Oculus Rift for the first time with in house CAD models. Our first test consisted of exporting the model for import into unity. While this is an easy process ArchiCAD does not handle 3D exports very well. Often exports from ArchiCAD lower than v17  are not complete objects, leaving heavy triangulation and planes instead of cubes. (I’m using v13, more export notes at bottom of page.) Once the model has been exported for Unity we can import ... Read More »

Learning Code in 30 Days

Learning Code In 30 Days

Today during the Maker Space program at the USC I started learning Unity 4 under the tutoring of Ben R (Serious Gaming Design - Programming tutor at the USC). While the UI was quite easy to take in, we did touch on simple physics scripting in c# (c sharp) programming language which posed a bit more of a challenge. C# has a lot of similarities to other languages, in fact a lot of languages are derived from the same structure c# uses. ... Read More »

DES223 – Website Concept: Bonds


Here are some simple website mocups for my DES223 E-Media assessment. The concept is for a Bonds store responsive website layout using jQuery, Ajax and PHP. To complete this effect I used stock photos, masked out the screens and used transform/skew to move the mockup’s in place. I reused the mask area to apply white transparent fill and erased heavily across the face to give a glazing effect. Finally I used ‘levels’ and ‘colour’ adjustment layers to make the images ... Read More »