DES225 Internship – Week 11


Date/Time:  October 21, 2014. 7:30am-5pm. With:  Nick. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  This week I did a huge amount cleanup, commenting and class adjustments. It’s important step in the production of this alpha if someone plans to look at the source at a later date.  Now all tables and div’s have been commented with opening and closing tags, additional comments have been provided for functioning elements and links. In addition I have fixed up a few teething issues with the layout and ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 10

Responsive HTML tables thumb

Date/Time:  October 14, 2014. 7:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Death to all tables! Well it’s not often I use tables, they’re outdated, unresponsive and look horrible in code. Unfortunately the JS library I’m using calls for it. I wasted about 4 hours on this sideways scrolling shelf because getting tables to respond dynamically with native HTML and CSS just wont work. (Take it from me I went at least 7 Google pages in) Here is the rundown of my findings. What every ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 9

Booty Thumb

Date/Time:  October 7, 2014. 6:45am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Well that’s better! I spent this week setting up Bootstrap on the study plan and I gotta say its a bit of a morale boost. The template is still not 100% complete I need to port over a lot of script for functionality but I can finally see the my vision for the web app coming together. There are now four significant sections that play a function in the study plan. 1. ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 8

More JS Alerts

Date/Time:  September 30, 2014. 7am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log: More house keeping this week (Just a quick update). I did a lot of front end JS development on top of last weeks improvements.  Alerts are becoming more dynamic and user friendly. Next week: I’m making plans to re-designing the UI. Because of the float problems found in week 6 I decided to create a “shelf” which will hold the units above the tables. Not only is a good workaround ... Read More »

Nitty-Gritty: USC Student Exhibition

Nitty-Gritty Logo

Well I heard the unfortunate news from our design crew a few days ago, we hadn’t won the exhibition … while this is a bit of a let down considering the amount of work we had all done, on the bright side the coordinator mentioned the website was “one of the best,” I now have some free time and a custom bootstrap framework *pew*. Although the website will never see the light of day I thought I’d post the concepts here because ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 7

Man Flu and Alerts Thumb

Date/Time:  September 23, 2014. 6:45am-5pm. (Skipped a week, I was out sick with a doctors certificate) With:  Nick. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  It’s an early start but I’m excited to get back into coding. I have been pretty well incapacitated and on antibiotics for the last two weeks fighting off the dreaded “man flu”.  I have started adding alerts and messages to the app using Javascript. I started off with a click function and alert to confirm everything was working ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 6

JS Thumbnail

Date/Time:  September 9, 2014. 8:30am-5pm. (I skipped a week due to son being sick) With:  Supervisor was away. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  For the last two weeks I have been looking into building a custom JS library. I have to admit JS is not my strong point and I have to point out that it would take this project beyond it’s due date. While I don’t plan on using the custom JS library I’m going to go ahead and build one ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 5

Search Glass Thumb

Date/Time:  August 27, 2014. 8:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe (Internship Supervisor) Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  This week I redesigned the the HTML layout of the ‘School Timetable’ example. I removed the unneeded nested tables and colgroups. Now I’m just running tables where needed to move the div elements. With a stronger HTML structure I styled the layout a with some bootstrap techniques. The layout will now be responsive for more devices when I get around to media templates. I started on the JS elements ... Read More »

Woody Point Bollards – Design Work

Woody Point Bollards

The Woody Point bollard art installments are situated in the Clontraf/Redcliffe area Queensland.  The Bollards use recycled bridge stumps, stainless steel and toughened laminated glass. There are approximately 7 bollards describing the nautical history of the area. I had the privileged of designing one featuring Matthew Flinders, explorer of the South Coast of  Australia. For the main part of of the design I used Illustrator, but also used Photoshop to make touch ups on the map itself. The final was exported as CYMK in PDF ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 4

Redips Redesign Thumb

Date/Time:  August 20, 2014. 8:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe (Internship Supervisor) Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  This week I made a lot of progress on the Redips drag and drop library. I utilised 3 of the examples and managed to get them working in cohesion. The code was mainly built using the Redips ‘Example 3‘ School Timetable. The more obvious changes were using semesters instead of days and the ability to stop units only available in semester 1 from being dragged to semester 2. The new index uses ... Read More »