MicroView Arduino OLED – First Look

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AgIC Premium Circuit Marker – First Look

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DES225 Internship – Week 13


Date/Time:  October 10, 2014. 7:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Amazing, it’s the last week of internship meaning it’s also the last week of a long 4.5 year double major.  The internship has been good to me and I found it both challenging and rewarding (The hardest part working with all the cool lab stuff around me). This week I went about coding a lot more of the dynamic elements. I managed to get the the alerts working through ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 12


Date/Time:  October 28, 2014. 7:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Now into the thick of the script I need to get the prerequisites working. Peter Hunt a post-grad student, we worked on Oculus development together and I were having a chat about the app. We were brainstorming ideas over prerequisite issue and discussed an array that would iterate through the tables and look for parent ID’s. I have also found in the documentation a ‘relocate’ method which could be ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 11


Date/Time:  October 21, 2014. 7:30am-5pm. With:  Nick. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  This week I did a huge amount cleanup, commenting and class adjustments. It’s important step in the production of this alpha if someone plans to look at the source at a later date.  Now all tables and div’s have been commented with opening and closing tags, additional comments have been provided for functioning elements and links. In addition I have fixed up a few teething issues with the layout and ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 10

Responsive HTML tables thumb

Date/Time:  October 14, 2014. 7:30am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Death to all tables! Well it’s not often I use tables, they’re outdated, unresponsive and look horrible in code. Unfortunately the JS library I’m using calls for it. I wasted about 4 hours on this sideways scrolling shelf because getting tables to respond dynamically with native HTML and CSS just wont work. (Take it from me I went at least 7 Google pages in) Here is the rundown of my findings. What every ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 9

Booty Thumb

Date/Time:  October 7, 2014. 6:45am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  Well that’s better! I spent this week setting up Bootstrap on the study plan and I gotta say its a bit of a morale boost. The template is still not 100% complete I need to port over a lot of script for functionality but I can finally see the my vision for the web app coming together. There are now four significant sections that play a function in the study plan. 1. ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 8

More JS Alerts

Date/Time:  September 30, 2014. 7am-5pm. With:  Ben Rolfe. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log: More house keeping this week (Just a quick update). I did a lot of front end JS development on top of last weeks improvements.  Alerts are becoming more dynamic and user friendly. Next week: I’m making plans to re-designing the UI. Because of the float problems found in week 6 I decided to create a “shelf” which will hold the units above the tables. Not only is a good workaround ... Read More »

Nitty-Gritty: USC Student Exhibition

Nitty-Gritty Logo

Well I heard the unfortunate news from our design crew a few days ago, we hadn’t won the exhibition … while this is a bit of a let down considering the amount of work we had all done, on the bright side the coordinator mentioned the website was “one of the best,” I now have some free time and a custom bootstrap framework *pew*. Although the website will never see the light of day I thought I’d post the concepts here because ... Read More »

DES225 Internship – Week 7

Man Flu and Alerts Thumb

Date/Time:  September 23, 2014. 6:45am-5pm. (Skipped a week, I was out sick with a doctors certificate) With:  Nick. Where:  Engage Research Lab Log:  It’s an early start but I’m excited to get back into coding. I have been pretty well incapacitated and on antibiotics for the last two weeks fighting off the dreaded “man flu”.  I have started adding alerts and messages to the app using Javascript. I started off with a click function and alert to confirm everything was working ... Read More »